In memoriam Prof. István Kollár

Scientific Program

September 7, Wednesday

9:30-10:00Wake up coffee
10:00-10:20Opening ceremony
Ákos Jobbágy
Helia Hall
10:20-12:00Sensors and transcuders
Chair: Janusz Mindykowski
Helia Hall
10:20-10:40Marco Crescentini
Characterization of Bandwidth Limits in Hall Sensors
10:40-11:00Cristian Zet
Design of a High Current Transducer Based on GMR Effect in Multilayered Nanowire
11:00-11:20Goran Petrovic
Estimation of the Wall Thermal Properties through Comparison of Experimental and Simulated Heat Flux
11:20-11:40Roman Morawski
Impulse-radar Sensors versus Depth Sensors when Applied for Monitoring of Elderly and Disabled Persons
11:40-12:00Roman Morawski
Using Accelerometers for Evaluation of Measurement Uncertainty in Impulse-radar System for Monitoring of Elderly and Disabled Persons 
14:00-15:40Measurement technology 1
Chair: Pedro Ramos
Helia Hall
ADC & DAC modelling and testing
Chair: Linus Michaeli
Mercure Room
14:00-14:20Koen Tiels
A Polynomial Nonlinear State-space Toolbox for Matlab
Konrad Jedrzejewski
Design and Calibration of Adaptive Sub-ranging ADCs Resistant to Amplifiers Gain Errors
14:20-14:40Alexandru Salceanu
Approach on the Evaluation of Exposure to Low Frequency Electric Fields
Konrad Jedrzejewski
Self-calibratable Adaptive Sub-ranging ADC Insensitive to Amplifiers Gain Errors
14:40-15:00Ciro Spataro
Characterization of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors for Loss Model Algorithm Identification
Luca de Vito
Experimental Comparison of Models for Analog-to-Information Converters
 15:00-15:20Luca Oberto
Two Ways of Power Substitution for Calibrating Thermoelectric Sensors at RF and Microwaves
Luca de Vito
PRBS non-idealities Affecting Random Demodulation Analog-to-Information Converters
15:20-15:40Dragana Popovic Renella
Quality Control of Permanent Magnets for Industrial Applications: Integrating Magnetic Field Mapping and Crack Detection
Tamás Virosztek
Parameterization of Nonlinearity for Efficient Estimation in ADC Testing
 15:40-16:00Coffee break 
 16:00-17:20Calibration, metrology and standards
Chair: Joaqín Del Rio
Helia Hall
Embedded Systems
Chair: Roman Morawski
Mercure Room
 16:00-16:20André Schäfer
A Novel Type of Precision Amplifier for Strain Gauge based Transducers
Pedro Ramos
Portable Embedded System for Contactless Measurement of Material Conductivity
16:20-16:40José Miguel Costa Dias Pereira
An Automated Test and Measurement System for Calibration of Industrial Flowmeters
Dávid Vincze
Benchmark Tool for the Characterization of the Real-Time Performance of Linux on System on a Chip Platforms for Measurement Systems
16:40-17:00Dewi Salawati Mohd Kassim
Influence of Adaptor on the Calibration of Inductance Standards
Daniel Petrisor
Data Consistency and Fault Management in Local Sensor Networks used for Landslide Surveillance
17:00-17:20Hyung-Kew Lee
Linearity Evaluation of High Speed Sampling Delta- Sigma ADC Board
Zivko Kokolanski
Low-cost Multi-Channel Interface for Passive Resistive Sensors
18:00-20:00Welcome reception 

September 8, Thursday

8:30-10:30IMEKO TC-4 Board meeting
10:30-10:50Wake up coffee
10:50-12:00Plenary lecture
Chair: Dobrowiecki Tadeusz
Helia Hall
Johan Schoukens
System Identification in the Real World
13:30-15:00Poster session 
Helia Hall
15:00-15:30Coffee break 
15:30-17:30Signal and image processing
Chair: Dušan Agrež
Helia Hall
15:30-15:50Daniel Belega
Accurate Sine-wave Frequency Estimation by Means of an Interpolated DTFT Algorithm
15:50-16:10Dominique Dallet
Digital Reconstruction Stage Implementation of FBD Sigma Delta ADC for SDR Receiver
16:10-16:30Christian Mentin
Knife Edge Diffraction for Spatially Extended Light Sources
16:30-16:50Bence Tilk
Automated Lung Segmentation on Digital Tomosynthesis Images with Complex Method
16:50-17:10László Sujbert
FFT-based Identification of Data Loss Models
17:10-17:30Joaquín del Rio
Design of the Obstacle Detection System with the SONAR MK3 on Guanay II AUV
19:00-22:00River cruise & banquet dinner

September 9, Friday

9:50-10-20Wake up coffee 
10:20-12:00Power and energy measurements
Chair: Alexandru Salceanu
Helia Hall
Measurement technology 2
Chair: Jan Saliga
Mercure Room
10:20-10:40Alessio Carullo
Experimental Assessment of Degradation Rate in Photovoltaic Modules
Luca de Vito
Improving the Orientation Estimation in a Packet Loss-affected Wireless Sensor Network for Tracking Human Motion
 10:40-11:00Evgenii Zelenskii
Detection and Identification of Bad Power Measurements in Distribution Networks Using State Estimation by Synchronized Voltages and Currents
Dušan Agrež
Periodic Signal Parameters’ Estimations from Random Sampling Measurements under Non-coherent Sampling Condition
 11:00-11:20Zivko Kokolanski
Personal Computer-based Electrical Power Quality Signal Generator
Piotr Bilski
Feature Selection for the Non-intrusive Electrical Appliances Identification
 11:20-11:40Platon Sovilj
Stochastic Measurement of Reactive Power Using a Two-Bit A/D Converter
Tamás Kökényesi
FPGA-synthesizable Filter Model Based Bitstream DAC for Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulators
11:40-12:00Jiangtao Zhang
Phase Error Determination for the Wideband Resistive Voltage Divider
Zsolt Kemény
Measurement and Estimation of Surface Resistance on ESD-protected Workstations
 12:00Farewell reception 


P-01Cristian Fosalau
A PSpice Model for Sensors Based on Stressimpedance Effect
P-02Yolanda A. Sanmamed
AC Resistance Measurement System at CEM
P-03Alexandru Salceanu
Active Power Quality Assessment through Interlaboratories Comparison
P-04Hu Lizhi
Calibrations of Satellite Navigation Signal Simulator channel-delay based on Hilbert Transform Envelope Detection Method
P-05Joaquín del Rio
Data Acquisition System for Volcano Monitoring with Real-Time Transmission, Low Cost and Low Power Consumption
P-06Alexandru Salceanu
Evaluation of EMF Exposure from Digital Terrestrial Television Transmitters
P-07Janusz Mindykowski
Examination of the Instrument for Power Quality Estimation – Case Study
P-08Stanislaw Czapp
Experimental Verification of a New Method of Loop Resistance Testing in Low Voltage Systems with Residual Current Devices
P-09Sioma Baltianski
Impedance Spectroscopy: True and Observable Asymptotic Models
P-10Linus Michaeli
Influence of the Capacitor’s Dielectric Absorption on the Dual Slope ADC
P-11Joaquín del Rio
Interoperable Data Management and Instrument Control Architecture for Ocean Observing Systems
P-12Joaquin del Rio
Range-Only Underwater Target Localization: Error Characterization
P-13Oleh Velychko
Remote Calibration of Precision Working Standards of Electric Power
P-14Martin Adam
Standardized Software Solution for an Automated Data Evaluation in Analytical Measurement
P-15Pavel Zvada
The Experimental Studies to Improve the Measurements Synchronization Accuracy in the 10 kV Feeder at Zero Crossing by Calculated Compensation of Phase Shift of Voltage
P-16Imre Fekete
CT based Analysis of Reworked BGA Devices
P-17Maria Riccio
Instantaneous Frequency Estimation of Distorted Sinusoidal Signal by “quasi” Repetitive Approach


Obituary notice

Dear Colleague,
Hereby we regretfully inform you, that the chairman of the sympoisum gave up the long fight against his disease, and he passed away on 30 July 2016. The Symposium has been dedicated for his memory. The organisation of the event goes on, his duties will be taken over by professors of the Dept. of Measurement and Information Systems.

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