In memoriam Prof. István Kollár

Call for papers

Submission for final paper

The submission for the final paper is open. Please upload your paper until July 24, 2016.


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  • Backup file: _doc_ (Word 2003 or earlier)
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Prospective authors are invited to submit online their 4-page long extended abstracts. The submission happens online.

The abstract should report original research results of theoretical or applied nature and should explain the significance of the contribution to the research field.

The manuscripts must be prepared according to the following guidelines:

Length of extended abstract: 4 pages


Related topic(s) of the symposium

Authors with full name, affiliations, emails, phone, skype-id (if used)

Abstract (1-2 paragraphs – main message of paper)
I. Introduction (presentation of the problem)
II. Related results in the literature
III. Results and discussion (maybe some words about the planned
extensions for the final paper)
IV. Novelties in the paper
V. References (be sure to enumerate the most important ones, not just
your own papers; add DOI or an URL)


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  • Backup file: _doc_ (Word 2003 or earlier)
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Each participant can submit two lectures, one is included in the registration fees, the second is available for a surcharge of 50 EUR.

The 6-page long article of the lectures presented at TC4 Symposium and IWADC will be eligible for consideration for publication in special issues of journals Measurement and Acta IMEKO.

The best student paper will be awarded. Special sessions will be organized as they appear at the symposium web site.


Extended abstracts are awaited in the follwoing topics:

TC-4 symposium

  • Direct Current and Low Frequency Measurements
  • Radio Frequency, Microwave and Millimetre Wave Measurements
  • Calibration, Metrology and Standards
  • Traceability and International Compatibility of Measurements
  • Advanced Instrumentation Based on Micro and Nanotechnologies
  • Signal and Image processing
  • Waveform Analysis and Measurements
  • System Identification and Control
  • Embedded Systems
  • Ambient Systems and Computer-Assisted Living
  • Software Measurements
  • Biomedical Measurements
  • EMC Measurements
  • Power and Energy Measurements
  • Power Quality Assessment
  • Time and Frequency Measurements
  • Automated Test and Measurement Systems
  • Measurement and Instrumentation for Industrial Applications
  • Marine Instrumentation Technology
  • Sensors and Transducers
  • Virtual Measurement Systems
  • Sensors Interoperability
  • Wireless Sensor Networks


  • AD&DA Advanced Techniques, Circuits and Applications
  • Σ-Δ ADCs and Their Applications
  • Auxiliary Circuits for ADC
  • ADC&DAC Modelling
  • ADC&DAC Testing and Calibration
  • Signal Processing for ADC
  • Signal Quantization and Roundoff
  • Resolution Enhancement and Autocorrection

Obituary notice

Dear Colleague,
Hereby we regretfully inform you, that the chairman of the sympoisum gave up the long fight against his disease, and he passed away on 30 July 2016. The Symposium has been dedicated for his memory. The organisation of the event goes on, his duties will be taken over by professors of the Dept. of Measurement and Information Systems.

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